Friday, January 15, 2016

Official Introduction and Submission Policy!

What Do I Do Here?

I write short reviews of short books. I try to be honest, with care. 

Will I Review Your Picture Book?

Sorry, I am currently closed for submissions. 

What Qualifies Me To Review Picture Books?

I graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design (MassArt) in 2006 with  Bachelors of Fine Art. While there I created a number of illustrated artist books and dove headfirst into printmaking. 

As a kid, I adored books like Outside Over There. So addicting was the strangeness of that book.... As a teen I devoured comics featuring female heroines, or anti heroines as they were. As an adult I got into graphic novels and then as a parent, picture books. The relationship between the written word and illustrated emotion is something I look for in all Art and Design. 

I also self-published a picture book called Zoo of Emotions. I knew my limitations in illustration and hired Amy Churchwell to create the art featured. I agree that as the Author I may be biased, however, I think it's a beautiful book. 

You can also find me: on my new Author Blog, my Zoo of Emotions About the Author page, Twitter, some of my creative work at, Amazon Author Page, and Goodreads Author Page

Who am I?

I am a coffee addicted mother of two under four, a reader, an artist and an author. I live in Atlanta, GA but grew up in Sticksville, NH where I literally walked a mile, up hill, both ways to school, only after checking the barn thermometer to make sure it was above zero degrees. If it was in fact below zero degrees...I got a ride. Now you know why I live in Atlanta!

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  1. Book Review Request: The Incredible Adventures of Scruffer & Co - Part 1

    Hi Teneisha
    I am obviously not submitting a Picture Book, but I think your kid(s) would enjoy you reading my book to them.

    The following is some information about my book.

    Title: The Incredible Adventures of Scruffer & Co – Part 1

    Genre: Fantasy Humor for All Age Groups

    Target Audience: Anyone who likes the characters and humor of Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbes, and The Far Side

    A comical company of teddy bears discover all the intricacies and rituals of living in a Queendom as they experience the real world from their unique perspectives.

    Opening Sentence:
    A long time ago, in a very exclusive store on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Nicholas Jaye Kensington IV first met the woman whom he would later learn was a Queen.

    Brief Book Summary:
    A self-centered teddy bear becomes real and has to learn how to live in this new reality. He is soon joined by other teddy bears with differing personalities. Together, they embark on a series of comical adventures as only fun loving teddy bears can.

    Level of Sexual Content: Zero

    Length: 200 pages

    Format Available for Review: pdf, print

    Target Publication Date: May 1, 2017

    Author: John Serbin (

    First time author. 30-Year career in hi-tech and biotech industries mainly involved in marketing, sales and business development communicating information about complex, cutting-edge, novel technologies.

    If you decide to review my book, the following is a link to it:!AkfE1uotpEWV4Hy0v-yX7lGK_yKk

    Thanks for your consideration.